Executive producer Charlize Theron describes "Hyperdrive" as "`American Ninja Warrior' meets `Fast & Furious."' That's her pitch for the Netflix original series that puts elite street racers into supercharged custom cars that allow them to test their limits. The drivers take their cars to one of the biggest automotive obstacle courses ever built, which they try to defeat. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they watch the racers try to complete the perilous stunts, but the competitors' backstories will cause you to "bawl your eyes out," according to Theron.

First episode date: August 21, 2019
Production location(s): Eastman Business Park (Rochester, New York)
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 10
Presented by: Michael Bisping, Lindsay Czarniak, Mike Hill, Rutledge Wood

Download Part One - Qualifier 1: Ready to Launch
1080p x264 Size 2.68 GB   |  WEBRip Size 455 MB

Download Part Two - Qualifier 2: Roll the Dice
1080p x264 Size of 2.92 GB   |  WEBRip Size 495 MB

Download Part Three - Qualifier 3: Enter the Assassin
1080p x264 Size of 2.53 GB   |  WEBRip volume 429 MB

Download Part Four - Qualifier 4: Go Hard or Go Home
1080p x264 Size of 2.58 GB   |  WEBRip 439 MB

Download Part Five - Knockout 1: Head to Head
1080p x264 Size of 2.67 GB   |  WEBRip Size 453 MB

Download Episode Six - Knockout 2: Checkers or Wreckers
1080p x264 Size of 2.46 GB   |  WEBRip volume 419 MB

Download Part Seven - Knockout 3: Track is Hot
1080p x264 Size 2.10 GB   |  WEBRip Size 406 MB

Episode 8 - Wild Card: A Chance at Redemption
1080p x264 Size of 2.80 GB   |  WEBRip 445 MB size

Download Part 9 - Semifinal: Last Chance
1080p x264 Size of 2.41 GB   |  WEBRip volume 407 MB

Download Part 10 - Finale: The Monster
1080p x264 Size 3.44 GB   |  WEBRip Size 587 MB

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