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Genre: Crime
Product: Australia, Germany
Creators: Marvin Kren, Benjamin Hessler, Stefan Brunner,
Freud Serial Summary: In the serial summary, Sigmund Freud, a young psychoanalyst, investigates the murder plot in Vienna in year 6 to reveal the secrets of the story, but ...

Freud.S01E01.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E02.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E03.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E04.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E05.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E06.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E07.720p x265.WEB.mkv
Freud.S01E08.720p x265.WEB.mkv

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